Neuromuscular massage therapy

Advanced techniques of bodywork therapy using a combination of trigger point release structural integration and myofascial release.

G5 percussion therapy

Specialized industry-strength percussion tool for massage therapists. Designed with a patented circular percussion for warning and loosening of the superficial layers of tissue in the body. Very beneficial for myofascial release /myofascial therapy.

PEMF Therapy

Pulse electromagnetic field therapy. Noninvasive treatments for cellular recovery. Our grounding mats use electromagnetic coils at a low frequency to stimulate the body’s cellular response for recovery and healing.

Cold laser therapy

Photon light therapy. Noninvasive, low-level light therapy specific for cellular healing of the body from pain injuries and bruising.

Infrared Therapy/Far infrared heat therapy

Frequency of light and warm heat that relaxes the muscles and tendons from tension and inflammation. A known healing aid in the healing process of the body.

Topical herbal therapy

From my many years of experience in herbal remedies and medicine and essential oils, we have developed a hand-crafted topical remedy for inflammation tension, and pain. Our Formula is designed specifically for deeper absorption into the muscles for longer-lasting results.

Included ingredients:
  • Organic castor oil
  • Organic black cumin seed oil
  • Organic magnesium oil
  • Organic hemp oil
  • Organic therapeutic-grade lavender oil
  • Organic therapeutic-grade peppermint oil
  • Organic arnica oil