Introducing Sam

Born legally blind, Sam’s sense of touch is exceptionally deft, allowing him to find deep-rooted issues within the musculoskeletal system and a huge advantage when helping people with pain and injuries. In addition to years of clinical experience and education, Sam’s innate sense of touch and how it relates to treating a person is genuinely his own.

Similar to when he’s enjoying his passion for mixing and making music, Sam explains how he identifies problems in a patient and how he can sense the way the body works.

“Being medically blind, I just see things a little differently. Notes and melody of a song have similar patterns, not unlike the human anatomy. When I create with music, one note or melody leads to another and that flow of events ends up with the creation of a new or altered song. What I feel with my hands when I’m working on a patient, the problems I feel leads me to the next sequence of events to help diagnosis and understand.”